Due to the health emergency derived from COVID-19. We have reinforced our Cleaning and Disinfection Protocol to adapt to the situation
The room cleaning protocol is carried out daily.. In general lines, the steps to follow are:

• Empty the bins.
• Remove dust from the high areas above the shoulders.
• Clean the furniture with active oxygen.
• Pay special attention to those elements that are touched by the hands: switches, TV controls, chairs, door knobs, taps, etc.
• Remove dust from the floor with a mop on smooth floors.
• Wet cleaning and disinfection of bathrooms by steam at 100 ° C
• Floor scrubbing with disinfectant cleaner with active oxygen
• Comprehensive dry cleaning and disinfection using Ozone Ions
At the entrance or reception, the cleaning and disinfection treatment must be special, since it is the area with the highest traffic of people, so it will require more dedication because they could be affected by external contaminating agents. For this, we have a disinfecting shoe barrier and a hydro-alcoholic hand gel dispenser located at the entrance, and a protection screen and hydro-alcoholic gel in the Reception. In addition to an ozone generator
* We remind our clients, whenever possible, to use masks always in closed spaces and to disinfect their hands regularly
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